State Water Grants

Water Infrastructure Improvement & Intermunicipal Grants
About These Grants
WIIA provides competitive grants to help municipalities fund water quality infrastructure projects. WIIA grants are available for wastewater and drinking water projects that protect or improve water quality and/or protect public health. Municipalities may submit applications for multiple projects, including wastewater, sewer and drinking water projects.

IMG is available for both drinking water and wastewater/sewer (clean water) projects that serve multiple municipalities, such as a shared water quality infrastructure project or the interconnection of multiple municipal water systems.
Grant Categories
WIIA Wastewater

A municipality’s project would be awarded a grant up to $25 million, or 25% of net eligible project costs, whichever is less.

WIIA Drinking Water

Eligible projects that address emerging contaminants above the State determined Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) would be awarded 60% of net eligible project costs, with no cap on the maximum. Others would be awarded the lesser of $5 million or 60% of net eligible project costs.


Cooperating municipalities with an eligible project may be awarded an IMG grant of up to $30 million or 40% of net eligible project costs, whichever is less.

Recipient Information
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