Water Efficiency projects use improved technologies and/or practices to deliver equal or better services with less water. Water efficiency encompasses conservation and reuse efforts, as well as water loss reduction and prevention, to protect water resources for the future.


The maximum percentage grant is up to 75% of eligible project costs for a water efficiency project in a municipality that meets the MHI criteria, or that serves, protects, or benefits an environmental justice area. All other water efficiency projects are eligible to receive up to a maximum of 50% of total eligible project costs.

Eligible Applicants


Eligible Practices

Water Meter Installation

Projects that provide for the installation of water meters in previously unmetered areas. These projects can include backflow prevention devices if installed in conjunction with water meters.

Water Meter Replacement

Projects that include the replacement of existing broken/malfunctioning water meters or upgrading existing meters with automatic meter reading systems (AMR), smart meters, meters with built in leak detection, or backflow prevention devices if installed in conjunction with water meter replacement.

Water Meter Retrofit

Projects that add AMR capabilities or leak detection equipment to existing meters (not replacing the meter itself).

Water Reuse

Projects that recycle gray water, condensate and wastewater effluent to reduce potable water consumption.

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