Septic System Replacement Fund

Funding to counties to help homeowners and small businesses replace cesspools and septic systems

News: Governor Hochul Announces $30 Million for the Next Round

Governor Kathy Hochul on Dec. 12, 2023 announced $30 million is being made available to targeted counties through the next round of the State’s Septic System Replacement Program. These grants support home and small business owners with funding for more environmentally effective systems.  With today’s funding announcement, eligibility will be finalized and shared once available.


Homeowners: Reach out to your local program contact if you have questions about whether your property is eligible for grant funding. 

The Septic System Replacement Fund Program provides funding to counties to help homeowners replace cesspools and septic systems. Participating counties, as outlined below, provide grants to reimburse property owners for up to 50% of the costs (up to a maximum of $10,000) of their eligible septic system projects. The list of participating counties has been updated as of Sept. 8, 2022.

The state Department of Environmental Conservation and the Department of Health determined priority geographic areas in which property owners are eligible to participate based on the following factors:

  • Presence of a sole-source aquifer used for drinking water
  • Known water quality impairment linked to failing septic systems, and/or
  • The ability for septic system upgrades to mitigate water quality impairments.

DEC and DOH will re-evaluate priority waterbodies in future rounds of funding.


Participating counties are responsible for reviewing and evaluating the applications and determine financial assistance awards based on the program criteria. The following considerations are made: property’s location in relation to a waterbody, impacts to groundwater used as drinking water, and the condition of the property owner’s current septic system. After evaluating the applications and making the funding decisions, participating counties notify the property owners of their grant awards by sending them award letters.

Eligible Projects

  • Replacement of a cesspool with a septic system; or
  • Installation, replacement or upgrade of a septic system or septic system components;
  • Installation of enhanced treatment technologies, including an advanced nitrogen removal system.

Eligible Costs

  • Design and installation costs
  • Costs of the system
  • System components
  • Enhanced treatment technologies
  • Design costs (limited only to work needed to complete approved design)

Ineligible Costs

  • Routine maintenance such as pump out of a septic tank
  • Expenses that are not appropriately documented
  • Government permit fee
  • Interest and late fees
  • Fines and penalties
  • Sales tax payment
  • Non-essential site beautification or interior plumbing changes
  • Administrative work conducted by the engineer
  • Construction observation by the engineer if the engineer, or an entity owned, controlled by or employing the engineer, is also conducting the repair or replacement

Participating Counties

The following counties are participating in the Septic System Replacement Fund. Funding is only available for the counties and priority waterbodies as determined by DEC listed below. This list was updated as of Aug. 9, 2023. 

Please reach out to your local program contact if you have questions about whether your property is eligible for grant funding.

Participating CountyEligible WaterbodiesLocal Program Contact
Allegany*Canacadea Creek, Upper, and minor tribs (0503-0005)Tyler J. Shaw
[email protected]
BroomePark Creek and tribs (0601-0031) *Whitney Point Lake/Reservoir (0602-0004) *Fly Pond, Deer Lake, *Sky Lake (1404-0038)Matthew Laine
[email protected]
CayugaOwasco Lake (0706-0009) Lake Como (0705-0029) Cayuga Lake, Main Lake, Mid-South (0705-0050) Cayuga Lake, Main Lake, Mid-North (0705-0025) Cayuga Lake, Northern End (0705-0030) Skaneateles Lake (0707-0004)Ani Fish
[email protected]
Chautauqua*Findley Lake (0202-0004) Chautauqua Lake, North (0202-0072)Jessica Wuerstle 
[email protected]
Chenango*Chenango Lake (0601-0013) *Guilford Lake (0601-0012)Isaiah Sutton
P: 607-337-1673 F: 607-337-1720
[email protected]
ClintonIsle LaMotte (1000-0001)Ryan Davies
[email protected]
Columbia Robinson Pond (1308-0003) Copake Lake (1310-0014)

Raymond Jurkowski
[email protected]  

Jack Mabb
[email protected]

CortlandSkaneateles Lake (0707-0004)Michael J. Ryan, P.E
[email protected]
DelawareSusquehanna River, Main Stem (0601-0020)Nick Carbone
[email protected]
DutchessHillside Lake (1304-0001) Sylvan Lake (1304-0029)Marie-Pierre Brule
[email protected]
ErieRansom Creek, Lower, and tribs (0102-0004) Ransom Creek, Upper, and tribs (0102-0027) Muddy Creek, Lower, and tribs (0104-0051)Jennifer Delaney
[email protected]
EssexWillsboro Bay (1001-0015) Lake George (1006-0016)Anna Reynolds
[email protected]
GeneseeTonawanda Creek, Middle, Main Stem (0102-0002) Bowen Brook and tribs (0102-0036) Bigelow Creek and tribs (0402-0016) Oatka Creek, Middle and minor tribs (0402-0031)    Thomas Sacco
585-344-2580 Ext. 5496
[email protected]
HamiltonLake Eaton (0903-0056)Caitlin Stewart
[email protected]
HerkimerNorth Winfield Creek and Tribs (0601-0035)Jim Wallace
[email protected] 
JeffersonMoon Lake (0905-0093) Guffin Bay (0303-0025) Saint Lawrence River, Main Stem (0901-0004) *Red Lake (0906-0039) *Indian River, Lower, and minor tribs (0906-0021) *Indian River, Middle, and minor tribs (0906-0005) *Indian River, Middle, and minor tribs (0906-0030) *Indian River, Middle, and minor tribs (0906-0031) *Indian River, Middle, and minor tribs (0906-0032)Sara Freda
[email protected]
LewisBeaver River, Lower, and tribs (0801-0187)Casandra Buell
[email protected] 
LivingstonConesus Lake (0402-0004)Mark Grove
[email protected]
Monroe*Irondequoit Bay (0302-0001) Mill Creek and tribs (0302-0025) Shipbuilders Creek and tribs (0302-0026) Minor Tribs to Irondequoit Bay (0302-0038) Hundred Acre Pond (0302-0034)Brett Gobe
[email protected]
NassauCounty WideDerek Betts
[email protected]
OnondagaSkaneateles Lake (0707-0004) Seneca River, Lower, Main Stem (0701-0008)Jeffrey Till
315-435-6623 Ext. 4503
[email protected]
OntarioHoneoye Lake (0402-0032) *Canadice Lake (0402-0002) *Canandaigua Lake (0704-0001) *Hemlock Lake (0402-0011)  *Seneca Lake, Main Lake, North (0705-0026) *Seneca Lake, Main Lake, Middle (0705-0021)Megan Webster
[email protected]
OtsegoGoodyear Lake (0601-0015) Susquehanna River, Main Stem (0601-0020)Tammie Harris
[email protected]
PutnamOscawana Lake (1301-0035) East Branch Croton, Middle, and tribs (1302-0055) Palmer Lake (1302-0103)Joseph Paravati
845-808-1390 Ext. 43157
[email protected]
RensselaerNassau Lake (1310-0001)Richard Elder
[email protected]
Saint LawrenceSaint Lawrence River, Main Stem (0901-0004) Raquette River, Lower, and minor tribs (0903-0059) Little River and tribs (0905-0090)Jason Pfotenhauer
[email protected]
Saratoga*Dwaas Kill and tribs (1101-0007)Dustin Lewis
[email protected]
Schoharie*Summit Lake (1202-0014)Shane Nickle
[email protected]
SchuylerWaneta Lake (0502-0002) Lamoka Lake and Mill Pond (0502-0001)Darrel Sturges
[email protected]
SenecaCayuga Lake, Main Lake, Mid-North (0705-0025) Cayuga Lake, Northern End (0705-0030) Cayuga Lake, Main Lake, Mid-South (0705-0050)Mary E. Jump
[email protected]
SteubenSmith Pond (0502-0012) *Almond Lake (0503-0003) Waneta Lake (0502-0002) *Lamoka Lake and Mill Pond (0502-0001) *Keuka Lake (0705-0003)Marie Myers Shearing
[email protected]
SuffolkCounty WideJulia Priolo
[email protected]
TompkinsCayuga Lake, Southern End (0705-0040) Cayuga Lake, Main Lake, Mid-South (0705-0050)Douglas Barnes
[email protected]
WarrenLake George (1006-0016)Gina Martin                                                       
[email protected] 
WashingtonCossayuna Lake (1103-0002) Lake George (1006-0016)Laura Oswald
[email protected]
WayneBlind Sodus Bay (0302-0021) Lake Ontario Shoreline, Central (0302-0044)Drew Starkey
[email protected]
WestchesterLake Meahagh (1301-0053) David Kvinge, AICP, RLA, CFM
[email protected]
WyomingJava Lake (0104-0004) Silver Lake (0403-0002) Oatka Creek, Middle, and minor tribs (0402-0031)Stephen Perkins
585-786-8857 ext. 5163
[email protected]


* Only Eligible for Round 1 Funding

Program Summary & Outline

Updated Oct. 19, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to apply for the program.

The program is administered by participating counties and each county has a Local Program Contact who can help determine eligibility and next steps for the program. Please refer to the Participating Counties section and find your county’s Local Program Contact and reach out to them.

My county is not listed on the eligible county list, am I eligible?

If your county is not listed in the Participating Counties section then your county is not eligible for the program. However, you may want to reach out to your local County Health or Planning Department to see what other programs the county may have to assist you.

I do not see my waterbody listed as one of the Eligible Waterbodies, can it be added to the program?

The list of eligible waterbodies for Round 2 is final. The legislation creating the program focused on improving water quality in those waterbodies that have documented impairments from septic system pollution. To meet the legislative intent of the program, for Round 2 the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation developed screening criteria that focused on documented water quality impairments and potential for septic replacement to improve water quality.

I live in one of the five NYC Boroughs, is my property eligible for the program?

New York City is continuing to build out the sewer systems in their jurisdiction, therefore none of the five Boroughs (Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, or Staten Island) are eligible for the State Septic Replacement Program. Sewering is the best solution to improve water quality. People with properties on septic systems or are considering installation of septic systems are encouraged to reach out to New York City Department Environmental Protection to see what options are available. Below is the NYCDEP link for more information.


Forms for County Use

Counties which have identified priority areas will have received the following forms or letters for their use. However, they are also available here for their convenience. Clicking these links will take you off the EFC website. 

Other Funding Sources Available in Select Counties

Some counties have secured additional funds to work in conjunction with the State Septic System Replacement Fund Program. The supplemental funds help to increase the number of repair/replacements and prompting water quality improvements.

Rensselaer County

The county has Community Block Development Grant (CBDG) grant funding up to $25,000 per household or business for a homeowner to repair or replace failing septic systems.  The funds can be used in addition to the $10,000 of the State Septic System Replacement Funds. Rensselaer is using the CBDG funds to expand their program to help repair septic systems outside of the 250 ft limit of the State program. The CBDG funds are based on the homeowner’s income and can help them afford a costly repair or replacement. 

Suffolk County

The Suffolk County Septic Improvement Program provides up to $10,000 base grant. There is also up to an additional $10,000 that can be awarded to a grantee that installs a pressurized shallow drain field leaching system ($5,000) and/or toward the unit installation for low to moderate incomes eligible applicants ($5,000). Suffolk County also has low interest loans of up to $10,000 through the Community Development Corporation of Long Island. Additionally, Southampton, East Hampton and Shelter Island provide Community Preservation Funds.

Nassau County

Nassau County Septic Environmental Program to Improve Cleanliness provides grant funding of up to $20,000 to repair and replace failing septic systems with nitrogen-reducing system. Nassau County uses $10,000 of federal funds from the American Recovery Plan Act in conjunction with $10,000 from State Septic System Replacement Grant funds. 

If your county has secured additional funds and would like to showcase your funding program, please reach out to [email protected] so you can be added to the list.

Please note if you are an applicant in a county listed above, you are not guaranteed the funding outline above. To learn more about your eligibility, reach out to your local program contact for details. Refer to the Participating Counties section for local program contact information.

Contact DEC Division of Water

Please refer to the State Septic System Replacement Fund Program Frequently Asked Questions on this page before reaching out to the listed contacts below.

For questions regarding eligibility and technical Issues, please contact:

Chief, Watershed Implementation Section
Division of Water
Department of Environmental Conservation

Contact us by email: