Participation Needed in Clean Watersheds Needs Survey

Participation Needed in Clean Watersheds Needs Survey
Your participation is critical

Does your community have water quality infrastructure that is outdated or in need of repair? The Environmental Facilities Corporation needs your help to ensure we can fund as many water quality infrastructure projects as possible in upcoming years. We need local governments and other eligible recipients to participate in the Clean Watersheds Needs Survey (CWNS). Your participation is critical to ensure New York State continues to receive a high level of funding for water quality infrastructure projects.

You can help by submitting your community's needs and cost documentation to EFC. Together with other communities, your participation will help show the need for water quality infrastructure funding to federal lawmakers who decide how much money our state will receive.

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Ready to Participate?
What you need to do
We're asking eligible participants to share specific documentation about their communities' water quality infrastructure needs as soon as possible. Cost documentation received after March 31 may not be counted. Forms may be completed and submitted electronically. Paper forms are available upon request.
Both the participant and the project must be eligible
Eligible Participants

All municipalities


Local Health Departments, Soil and Water Conservation Districts and Municipal Planning Departments


State and Federal Agencies


Not-for-Profit organization with water quality issues


Engineering firms, technical assistance organizations and professional organizations

Eligible Projects

Publicly owned wastewater collection and treatment facilities


Stormwater and combined sewer overflows control facilities


Nonpoint source pollution control projects


Decentralized wastewater management