Compliance and Reporting Forms and Guidance

Minority and Women-Owned Enterprises, Disadvantaged Business Enterprises & Equal Employment Opportunity
Compliance and Reporting Forms and Guidance


The following required forms should be used for Minority- and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (MWBE) and federal disadvantaged business enterprises (DBEs) compliance and reporting. Clicking Word documents will start an automatic download on your device, and will not show a preview in your browser. 

MWBE Guidance Videos

These videos are for EFC funding recipients to help support program compliance.

EEO Forms and Guidance

The following contains required EEO forms and guidance that should be used for compliance and reporting purposes. 

*Please Note: EEO Reporting requirements have changed beginning December 2023. Please reach out to the Minority Business Officer at the project municipality to determine whether EEO reporting is still required on your project.

Submit EEO Forms

EFC has updated its EEO reporting requirements. To submit forms, contact your program compliance representative or email [email protected].

NYS Certified MWBE Directory

Program Specific Participation Goals

ProgramMWBE Combined Goal*
Clean Water SRF
Drinking Water SRF
Green Innovation Grant Program
NYS Water Infrastructure Improvement Grants (WIIA) 
NYS Intermunicipal Grants (IMG)
(also receiving EFC loan)
Clean Water project: 20%
Drinking Water project: 20%
NYS Financial Assistance Only (WIIA, IMG)30%


*May be any combination of MBE an/or WBE participation.

For contracts entered into by EFC for its corporate operations, EFC has established a 30% total MWBE goal, comprised of a 15% MBE goal and a 15% WBE goal.