East of Hudson Septic System Rehabilitation Reimbursement Program

Reimbursement to certain property owners to help with the costs of repairing failing septic systems
East of Hudson Septic System Rehabilitation Reimbursement Program


The East of Hudson Septic System Rehabilitation Reimbursement Program provides reimbursement to property owners in priority portions of the NYC Watershed to assist in the cost of rehabilitating their failing septic system. Property owners in the targeted areas who meet the program’s eligibility criteria can obtain a portion of the eligible costs to replace or repair their failing septic system.

The New York City water supply system provides over one billion gallons of drinking water daily for nearly eight million city residents as well as visitors, commuters, and approximately one million people living in Westchester, Putnam, and other upstate counties. Currently the program serves priority portions in the Kensico, Boyd Corners, West Branch, Cross River, Croton Falls and watershed basins hydrologically connected to the Croton Falls Reservoir (i.e. East Branch, Diverting, Middle Branch, and Bog Brook). These watershed basins are very important to the city's water supply system and are included in several federally mandated water quality protection initiatives.

Property owners within the eligible program areas will receive a letter from EFC. Once owners have received this letter, they may contact EFC to establish whether or not they meet the program’s eligibility criteria. Upon approval property owners would then need to enter a participation agreement with EFC in order to receive reimbursement.


In order to be eligible to receive program funds, a system must be located within priority portions of an eligible Watershed Basin.  The system must be failing or reasonably likely to fail in the near future as determined by a Qualified Inspector and serve an existing single-family or two-family primary residence.  The system must be built prior to May 1, 1997 and have a design sewage flow of less than 1,000 gallons per day. Some program areas also require property owners to meet specific financial hardship criteria.

Please contact an EFC representative to determine your eligibility.

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If you have had your septic system inspected by a licensed septic contractor and have been advised that your system is not functioning properly, have recently received a Notice of Violation from your local County Health Department, or if you otherwise believe your system may be in failure, contact EFC to determine your eligibility for reimbursement under the Program. If eligible, you will receive a Program information packet that describes the following steps:

  • Entering into the Program Agreement
  • Obtaining a licensed contractor to complete the needed repairs'
  • Submitting a design proposal and/or scope of work to EFC for pre-approval
  • Obtaining a preliminary reimbursement estimate from EFC
  • Completing the rehabilitation and submitting an application for reimbursement

Please contact 518-402-6924 to learn more or to talk to a representative for application materials.