Evaluation Criteria for the Green Innovation Grant Program

 A project will be scored and selected based on the level to which it:

  • Addresses EJ issues
  • Establishes or restores natural features, ecology, and hydrology
  • Implements measures that address climate change, including cooling the surrounding environment, mitigating urban heat islands, reducing air pollution, and reducing energy use
  • Is likely to succeed based on project development at time of application
  • Is anticipated to make measurable improvements to or protect water quality, including the applicant’s proposal for generating water quality metrics
  • Leverages additional resources through removing barriers to collaboration, developing new partnerships, utilizing staff, securing other funding and investments, and/or provides workforce development
  • Plans for the long-term operation, maintenance, and water quality of the project
  • Provides opportunities for the applicant to facilitate the transfer of new technologies, knowledge, and practices to other water quality issues and other regions of the State
  • Spurs innovation in the area of green stormwater infrastructure, energy efficiency, or water efficiency through the development and/or adoption of new technologies