2022 Recipients of Engineering Planning Grants

EPG will fund $3 million in engineering costs to help jumpstart planning for 70 clean water infrastructure projects. More than half of the EPGs have been awarded to environmental justice communities.  

Planning grants help fund the development of an engineering report, which is required in the EFC financing application process. EPGs help municipalities advance fiscally sound and well-designed projects to construction.

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CFA #Applicant Project DescriptionAwardCountyREDC Region
119419Albany Water BoardKrumkill Trunk Sewer Access - Inflow & Infiltration Analysis$50,000 AlbanyCapital District
121441Alexandria, Town ofOtter Street Sewer Study$20,000 JeffersonNorth Country
121280Alfred, Village ofCollection System Study Phase 2$50,000 AlleganyWestern 
121354Almond, Village ofPublic Sewer Feasibility Study$40,000 AlleganyWestern 
120889Altamont, Village ofBozen Kill Preserve Protection Inflow & Infiltration Study$50,000 AlbanyCapital District
120363Amenia, Town ofWastewater Evaluation$17,600 DutchessMid-Hudson
119580Amsterdam, Town ofSewer System Extension$50,000 MontgomeryMohawk Valley
117887Argyle, Village ofSewer Study$30,000 WashingtonCapital District
119297Attica, Village ofInflow & Infiltration Study$50,000 WyomingFinger Lakes
117752Belmont, Village ofSewer System Study$30,000 AlleganyWestern 
121301Bergen, Village ofCollection System Study Phase 2$50,000 GeneseeFinger Lakes
118083Bloomfield, Village ofInflow & Infiltration Study$30,000 OntarioFinger Lakes
118762Canajoharie, Village ofWastewater System Improvements Phase 2$50,000 MontgomeryMohawk Valley
117608Castile, Town ofSewer Collection Improvement Study$50,000 WyomingFinger Lakes
120835Chautauqua, Town ofSewer District No. 1 Extension 1 South$50,000 ChautauquaWestern 
119794Chemung County Sewer DistrictsCombined Sewer Overflow Reduction Green Infrastructure Pilot Study$50,000 ChemungSouthern Tier
121474Clayton, Town ofRoute 12 Sewer District Extension Study$20,000 JeffersonNorth Country
119505Cohoes, City ofLittle C Floatables Control Facility Study (CSO 008/015)$50,000 AlbanyCapital District
121167Cohoes, City ofManor Avenue Sewer Separation Project$50,000 AlbanyCapital District
121119CrownPoint, Town ofMonitor Bay Effluent Study$50,000 EssexNorth Country
118334Dannemora, Town ofLyon Mountain Inflow & Infiltration Study$30,000 ClintonNorth Country
117884Depew, Village ofSewer Improvements - Phase 9$100,000 ErieWestern 
120351Endicott, Village ofFlow Management Plan Implementation - Phase 2$100,000 BroomeSouthern Tier
120103Esopus, Town ofWastewater Evaluation$49,840 UlsterMid-Hudson
118774Fleischmanns, Village ofWastewater Treatment Upgrade Study$24,000 DelawareSouthern Tier
120926Florida, Town ofFort Hunter Sewer System Extension Study$50,000 MontgomeryMohawk Valley
119955Freeville, Village ofWastewater Infrastructure Improvements$30,000 TompkinsSouthern Tier
120552Gowanda, Village ofInflow & Infiltration Study$40,000 CattaraugusWestern 
119508Hagaman, Village ofInflow & Infiltration Study$50,000 MontgomeryMohawk Valley
120718Hanover, Town of Route 5 & 20 Sewer Line Engineering Planning Study$36,000 ChautauquaWestern 
119668Hunter, Village ofInflow & Infiltration Study$50,000 GreeneCapital District
121378Independence, Town ofPublic Sewer Feasibility Study$30,000 AlleganyWestern 
118143Kingston, City ofPump Station Study$50,000 UlsterMid-Hudson
118144Kingston, City ofTreatment Plant Upgrades Study$50,000 UlsterMid-Hudson
119568LakePlacid, Village ofSewer Collection System Study$50,000 EssexNorth Country
117786Lima, Village ofInflow & Infiltration Evaluation$50,000 LivingstonFinger Lakes
121387Livingston County Water & Sewer AuthorityCollection System Study Phase 3$100,000 LivingstonFinger Lakes
119382Lockport, Town ofSanitary Sewer Study$50,000 NiagaraWestern 
120705Massena, Village ofGrasse River Sewer Study$50,000 St. LawrenceNorth Country
120941Massena, Village ofWastewater Treatment Plant Study$50,000 St. LawrenceNorth Country
119980Morristown, Town ofBlack Lake Sewer Study$50,000 St. LawrenceNorth Country
119504Newburgh, City ofReconstruction of Liberty Street from Ann Street to Renwick Street$50,000 OrangeMid-Hudson
118154Newfane, Town ofSanitary Sewer Study$41,600 NiagaraWestern 
121584Oakfield, Town ofWastewater Collection System Study$24,000 GeneseeFinger Lakes
120974Ogdensburg, City ofInflow & Infiltration Study$50,000 St. LawrenceNorth Country
117792Ontario, Town ofWastewater Treatment Plant Solids Handling Study$50,000 WayneFinger Lakes
121536Orleans, Town ofCollins Landing Sewer Study$20,000 JeffersonNorth Country
121339Owego, Town ofBiosolids Management and Water Pollution Control Plant 1 Outfall Sewer Study$50,000 TiogaSouthern Tier
121030Pamelia, Town ofRoute 12 Sewer Study$50,000 JeffersonNorth Country
121249Phelps, Village ofInflow & Infiltration Study$50,000 OntarioFinger Lakes
121216Pomfret, Town ofPublic Sewer System Extension Study$30,000 ChautauquaWestern 
120673Ravena, Village ofInflow & Infiltration Study$50,000 AlbanyCapital District
120494Richfield Springs, Village ofWastewater Treatment and Collection System Study$100,000 OtsegoMohawk Valley
120286Richville, Village ofWastewater Collection and Treatment System Planning Study$30,000 St. LawrenceNorth Country
119690Roxbury, Town ofDenver Sewer District Wastewater Treatment Plant Study$19,960 DelawareSouthern Tier
120802SacketsHarbor, Village ofInflow & Infiltration Study$20,000 JeffersonNorth Country
121143Salina, Town ofLyncourt Sanitary Sewer Inflow & Infiltration Study$30,000 OnondagaCentral 
120512Salina, Town ofMattydale Sanitary Sewer Inflow & Infiltration Study$30,000 OnondagaCentral 
120079Saugerties, Town ofMalden Wastewater Plant Infrastructure Improvement Study$38,400 UlsterMid-Hudson
118931Schroeppel, Town ofWastewater Collection and Treatment Study$19,600 OswegoNorth Country
119151South Corning, Village ofSewer System Improvements Study$30,000 SteubenSouthern Tier
121688Southport, Town ofMt. Zoar Area Sanitary Sewer Study$24,000 ChemungSouthern Tier
118938St. Johnsville, Village ofInfiltration & Inflow Study$50,000 MontgomeryMohawk Valley
119538Union Springs, Village ofSewer System Study$30,000 CayugaCentral 
121220Wappinger, Town ofFleetwood Manor Sewer District Study$30,000 DutchessMid-Hudson
120850Warsaw, Village ofSanitary Sewer Inflow & Infiltration Study$50,000 WyomingFinger Lakes
118861Waterloo, Village ofWastewater Treatment Plant Study$50,000 SenecaFinger Lakes
118628Westfield, Village ofEngineering Planning Grant$40,000 ChautauquaWestern 
118264Williamson, Town ofWastewater Treatment Plant Improvements Study$50,000 WayneFinger Lakes
120684Woodridge, Village ofInflow & Infiltration Study$50,000 SullivanMid-Hudson