Engineering Planning Grant Resources

Glossary of Terms

In-Kind Services: means services performed by capable and qualified employees of the grant recipient for technical and administrative force accounts that are directly related to and in support of the development of the Engineering Report and are deemed reasonable by EFC.

Municipality: means any county, city, town, village, district corporation, county or town improvement district, Indian reservation wholly within New York State, any public benefit corporation or public authority established pursuant to the laws of New York or any agency of New York State which is empowered to construct and operate a project, or any two or more of the foregoing which are acting jointly in connection with a project. 

Planning: means the orderly development of a project concept from the original statement of need or purpose through the evaluation of alternatives to a final recommendation on a course of action and measures to implement the selected alternative, including completion of the environmental review process. 

Treatment Works (Publicly-Owned): means any devices and systems used in the storage, treatment, recycling and reclamation of municipal sewage or industrial wastes of a liquid nature. It also includes sewers, pipes and other conveyances, only if they convey wastewater to a publicly owned treatment plant, and combined storm water and sanitary sewer systems.

Watershed Implementation Plan: means Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL), DEC Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) Action Plan, or DEC-approved Nine Element Plan.