Emergency Financial Assistance

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Expedited funds for emergency repairs to be repaid within one year

Emergency financial assistance is available to municipalities for wastewater and drinking water system issues that pose hazards to public health, public welfare or the environment. The amount is based on the reasonable costs immediately necessary to address the emergency. The financial assistance is to be repaid within one year.

Assistance can be provided within two business days of a determination by the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) or Department of Health (DOH). Your will have to formally declare an emergency and submit an application. 

Eligible Applicants



School districts (drinking water projects only)


Recognized Indian nations or tribes


Public benefit corporations or authorities

Eligible Facilities

Publicly-owned treatment works


Publicly-owned sewer system


Municipally-owned public water system

Eligible Costs

Infrastructure construction, replacement, or repair 


Related engineering costs


Edward Hampston, P.E.
Director, Bureau of Water Compliance
Division of Water
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
518-402-9660 | [email protected]

David Phillips, P.E.
Chief, Design Section
Bureau of Water Supply Protection
NYS Department of Health 
518-402-7650 | [email protected]