Eligibility for the Wastewater Infrastructure Engineering Planning Grant

Eligible Applicants

Municipalities as defined in the Definitions section of this document with median household income (MHI):

  • Equal to or less than $70,000 according to the United States Census American Community Survey (view below) for municipalities located in Regional Economic Development Council (REDC) regions of Capital District, Southern Tier, North Country, Mohawk Valley, Central NY, Finger Lakes, or Western NY; or

  • Equal to or less than $90,000 according to the United States Census American Community Survey (view below) for municipalities located in REDC regions of Long Island, New York City and Mid-Hudson.

Note: An income survey for the service area of the project that has been approved by EFC within the past five years may be used in place of the census data.

Municipalities may have no more than two active EPG awards at the same time. An active EPG award includes a project that has been awarded funding and is awaiting an executed grant agreement or currently has an executed grant agreement with EFC that does not have an accepted engineering report.

American Community Survey Population Data

Eligible Projects

Funding must be used by municipalities for the preparation of an engineering report.

This includes planning activities to determine the scope of water quality issues, evaluation of alternatives, and the recommendation of a capital improvement project. In addition, the costs to conduct an environmental review for the recommended alternative are eligible. Design and construction costs are not eligible.

Ineligible Planning Activities

  • Projects that would not lead to the restoration or protection of a surface waterbody or groundwater.
  • Projects that do not address improvements to a publicly owned treatment works.
  • Projects and scope that are listed on the 2021 CWSRF Intended Use Plan Annual Project Priority List.
  • Projects that were previously funded by an EPG for the same scope and project area.
  • Projects with a completed engineering report.