Documents and Resources for the Clean Watersheds Needs Survey

What's Required

Communities are asked to share specific documentation about their water quality infrastructure needs. This may include a combination of fillable forms and documents that show the required elements of information. This page includes more information about the documentation requirements, forms to help you with your submission, and the types of documents that can be included in your submission. Please submit your materials as soon as possible using our online submission form. Cost documentation received after March 31 may not be counted.

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    Documentation Requirements

    Each facility and project must provide the following seven elements of information. 

    1. A description of the current or potential water quality impairment and information on its potential source. The problem description should include specific pollutant source information and/or specific threats to the waterbody. A general statement about water quality impairment or threat does not meet this criterion. 
    2. The location of the problem. Must be identified as a single latitude/longitude point, a polygon, or a county, watershed or town.
    3. The solution to the problem. One or more specific pollution control measure(s) or best management practices (BMPs) to address the identified problem or threat.
    4. The cost for each solution. The cost to implement each pollution control measure or specified BMP must be provided. General estimates for the problem area are not permitted; only site-specific data is acceptable to generate costs.
    5. The source of the cost. (e.g., engineer’s estimates, costs from comparable practices, estimates from equipment suppliers) for each solution must be identified.
    6. The total cost.  The total cost of all pollution control measures and BMPs documented for the facility or project must be provided.
    7. Current documentation. The documentation date has to be January 1, 2016, or more current.

    Download Fillable Forms

    These forms can assist you with your submission.

    Please submit all completed forms and other documentation via our online submission form. You can request paper copies of these forms by emailing [email protected].

    Allowable Document Types

    The documents listed below may be submitted to show the needs in your community. EFC will accept as many documents that you have available from the following lists. 

    Primary Documents

    Primary documents are preferred because they are likely to contain information satisfying all need documentation guidelines (the project that solves the problem, the cost for each project, and the source of the cost).

    • Capital Management Improvement Plan (CIP) or Management Plan
    • CSO Long-Term Management Plan / Annual Report (considered a primary document if approved)
    • Facility Plan or Preliminary Engineering Report
    • Final Engineer's Estimate/Lowest Bids
    • Non-CWSRF Governmental Loan and Grant Applications 

    Alternate Documents

    Alternate documents are those that might not include all project and cost documentation guidelines. Alternate documents commonly have information to document the project only and can be used in conjunction with other documents that include costs or EPA CETs to document requirements.

    • Administrative Orders, Court Orders, or Consent Decrees 
    • Asset Management Plan 
    • Conservation Effects Assessment Project National Assessment for Cropland Report (CEAP-Cropland) 
    • Cost of Previous Comparable Construction 
    • CSO Long-Term Control Plan (LTCP) / Annual Report (considered an alternate document if in draft form)
    • Engineer’s Study 
    • Integrated Stormwater and Wastewater Plan 
    • Municipal Storm Water Management Plan 
    • Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Conservation Plans and Farm Plans 
    • NEP Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan 
    • NPS Management Program/Assessment Report 
    • NPS Management Program/Delegated Underground Injection Control Program Plan 
    • NPS Management Program/Groundwater Protection Strategy Report 
    • NPS Management Program/Wellhead Protection Program and Plan 
    • Professional Appraisals 
    • Regional Water Plans 
    • Sewer System Evaluation Documents 
    • Source Water Assessment/Source Water Protection Plan 
    • State Approved Local Comprehensive Water and Sewer Plan 
    • State/Federal Agricultural Cost-Share Program Cost Tables 
    • State-Approved Area-Wide or Regional Basin Plan 
    • Stormwater Utility Feasibility Study 
    • Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL)

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    Watch: Webinar Recording

    EFC held a webinar on March 29, 2022 to share detailed information about the survey and to answer questions. 

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