Asset Management Program

A proactive approach to managing wastewater treatment facilities
Services will be provided to local governments at no-cost

The Asset Management Program is designed to help municipalities plan wastewater infrastructure upgrades, mitigate risk and reduce system failures at no cost. The statewide program provides engineering consultant services for software and technical training to local governments to map their sewer and wastewater systems. Municipalities who participate will be able to find weaknesses in their current systems that will help them conduct repairs before a system failure, which will minimize costly emergency repairs, prevent service disruptions and help protect public health and the environment by reducing the threat of pollution. EFC administers the program in partnership with the Department of Environmental Conservation, which regularly inspects these facilities.

Program to launch at a date to be announced in the coming months

It is estimated that over 50 communities will be served under the new program.

A Request for Qualifications (RFQ) will be released in the coming weeks to solicit professional engineering services that will allow EFC to hire the consultant engineers. The engineers will work with the communities to provide site specific asset management plans as well as the software and training to maintain the plans on their own. 


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