Wastewater Infrastructure Engineering Planning Grant

Funding to help complete your engineering report
six engineers wearing hard hats walk by pools of water at a wastewater plant

$3 Million Awarded to 61 Projects

As announced by Governor Hochul Feb. 15, 2024
Wastewater Infrastructure Engineering Planning Grant
About this grant
Engineering Planning Grants help fund the development of an engineering report

Engineering reports are required in the EFC financing application process. Grants are available to help municipalities jump start their work early on with funding for initial planning, so they can be better prepared to seek financing to help them complete their wastewater, sewer and water quality projects. Grants of up to $100,000 are available to municipalities to help fund an engineering report. 

The application period is now closed.

Eligible Applicants

Municipalities with median household income requirements


Municipalities may have no more than two active EPG awards at the same time

Eligible Activities

The preparation of an engineering report


Conducting an environmental review

Engineering Report Outline
EFC provides an engineering report outline to provide guidance on the requirements of an acceptable engineering report for wastewater infrastructure projects. Use of this outline will help to ensure that a submitted report satisfies Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) and DEC programmatic and technical requirements.
Learn what's needed to enter a grant agreement
Several documents are required in order to enter a grant agreement with EFC.
Awarded Projects
2024 Awardees

$3 million to help jumpstart planning for 70 clean water infrastructure projects.

Recipients 2022

$3M to jumpstart planning for 61 sewer projects.

Grant Payment

The grant will be disbursed in two or more payments based on the municipality’s progress toward completion of an acceptable engineering report. The municipality will receive its first disbursement as an advance payment once the finalized. The final disbursement will be made to the municipality when its engineering report has been completed and accepted by EFC/DEC.