DWSRF Contacts

Chief, Design Section
Bureau of Water Supply Protection

NYS Department of Health

518-402-7650 or 1-800-458-1158


 Drinking Water State Revolving Fund

Publicly-Owned Municipal Systems


Municipal applicants may apply for financing for any DWSRF-eligible project.  A municipality means any county, city, town, village, district corporation, county or town improvement district, school district, Indian nation or tribe recognized by the State or the United States with a reservation wholly or partly within the boundaries of New York State, any water authority now existing in a city, or any agency of New York State which is empowered to construct and operate an eligible project, or any two or more of the foregoing which are acting jointly in connection with an eligible project.

More information about the Drinking Water SRF, including information on the application process and application package for publicly-owned municipal systems, eligibility requirements, and the latest Intended Use Plan and Amendments, can be found by visiting the dropdown menu.

Privately-Owned Systems


Privately-owned community water systems and non-profit, non-community water systems may apply for financing for DWSRF-eligible projects. For application information, please call NYS EFC:  518-402-6924.