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Municipalities: Municipal applicants may apply for financing for any CWSRF-eligible project. A municipality means any county, city, town, village, district corporation, county or town improvement district, Indian reservation wholly within New York State, any public benefit corporation or public authority established pursuant to the laws of New York, or any agency of New York State which is empowered to construct and operate a project, or any two or more of the foregoing which are acting jointly in connection with a project.

Forms and Guidance 

For application information on the following programs, please call NYS EFC518-402-6924

  • Municipal Land
    Acquisition Projects

  • Not-For-Profit Land
    Acquisition Projects

  • Non-Municipal Nonpoint
    Source Projects
      How Do I Apply for CWSRF Financing?
    In order to be considered for CWSRF financing, applicants will need to complete two major steps and submit the following:
    1. A Project Listing through the Project Listing and Update System (PLUS).  EFC staff use the project information provided to score, rank, and list projects in the Intended Use Plan (IUP); and

    2. A Complete CWSRF Financing Application - if your project is listed on the Annual List of the IUP. This application provides details regarding the project costs, applicant credit information, and other information to size the financing and prepare documentation.

    To check if your project is already listed, refer to the CWSRF IUP Annual or Multi-Year List.

    1. Listing Your Project on the IUP

    New projects should be provided to EFC through the Project Listing and Update System (PLUS).  PLUS allows the community to complete a Project Listing Form for each new project in a web-based database.  The information in the Project Listing Form is then used by EFC to review and score the project.  Applicants are strongly encouraged to upload documents related to their project through PLUS.  Additional documentation will provide EFC greater detail regarding the project, and therefore allows for more accurate scoring of the project.

    Please visit our Smart Growth page for information regarding this program requirement.

    All projects are scored, categorized by population size, and listed on the CWSRF Intended Use Plan (IUP) Annual List or Multi-Year List.   Projects above the subsidy lines on the final IUP Annual List can receive CWSRF subsidized financing.  Unsubsidized financing may also be available for projects not reachable for subsidized financing.  

    Please contact EFC to request a CWSRF Project Listing Form if you are unable to use PLUS.

    2. Submitting a CWSRF Financing Application


    After a project is listed on the CWSRF Intended Use Plan (IUP) Annual List, the applicant may submit a CWSRF financing application to EFC.  Although applications are accepted on a continuous basis, an application deadline is necessary to coordinate work on a large number of projects expected to participate in subsidized financings.  This deadline is typically March 1st and is published in the current IUP. Applications received after the deadline may be postponed to the next IUP year. Applicants with projects below the IUP Annual List subsidy lines may submit a financing application at any time if interested in receiving unsubsidized financing.

    Plan on submitting your financing application as soon as possible to meet your needs for timely access to funds. This will give EFC adequate time to process your application, request clarification, prepare closing documents, and ensure you are able to receive disbursements.