DWSRF Contacts

Chief, Design Section

Bureau of Water Supply Protection

NYS Department of Health

518-402-7650  or 1-800-458-1158




The MWBE participation goals for the SRF programs will be 20% combined MBE and WBE beginning October 1, 2012. 

As a result, there will be changes in EFC's MWBE program. 

Please continue to check our MWBE Web Page for updated information.

 How do I apply for DWSRF Financing?

In order to be considered for DWSRF financing, applicants will need to complete two major steps and submit the following:

  1. A Project Listing Form to DOH, including a description of the project and other essential information. The pre-application is used to rank and list the project in the Intended Use Plan (IUP)
  2. A complete DWSRF Financing Application to EFC if your project is listed on the Project Readiness List of the IUP. This application requests details regarding project costs, applicant credit information, and other information to size the financing and prepare documentation.

DWSRF Application Materials:

Publicly-Owned Municipal Systems

Forms and Guidance  

Privately-Owned Systems

For application information, please call NYS EFC:  518-402-6924.

 Getting Your Project Listed on the IUP


The DWSRF Project Listing Form for listing projects in the DWSRF IUP requires project and applicant information sufficient to score projects based on the following criteria:

  • MCL/Treatment Technique Violations
  • Non-Treatment Sanitary Code Violations
  • System Reliability/Dependability Issues
  • Governmental Needs
  • Financial Needs


All projects are scored, ranked and listed on the Project Readiness List or Multi-Year List.

Applicants are encouraged to submit the pre-application listing forms for all potential projects. Each year, a subsidy line is identified on the IUP Readiness List. All projects that are above the subsidy line on the Final IUP Readiness List are eligible for subsidized financing. Projects below the subsidy line may become “reachable” for subsidized financing later in the IUP financing period. Unsubsidized financing is also available for projects below the subsidy line on the Final IUP Readiness List, and for projects above the subsidy line that require short-term financing in excess of the amount available under the Short-Term Interest-Free Financing Program.

IUP Listing, Scoring and Ranking Process

Information provided by the applicant on the DWSRF Pre-Application Form is used to score and rank projects (described in detail in the IUP). It is important for applicants to provide adequate information for DOH project engineers to properly score projects. Once DOH project engineers score each individual project, projects that are expected to be ready for the next financing period will be added to the Readiness List. Projects on the Readiness List are ranked based on the Project Priority Score. Projects that may be ready for a future financing period are added to the Multi-Year list.

Drinking water systems that are eligible for DWSRF project funding are community water systems, both municipally and privately-owned, and non-profit, non-community water systems.

For Publicly-Owned (Municipal) Systems

Municipal applicants may apply for financing for any DWSRF-eligible project.  A municipality means any county, city, town, village, district corporation, county or town improvement district, school district, Indian nation or tribe recognized by the State or the United States with a reservation wholly or partly within the boundaries of New York State, any water authority now existing in a city, or any agency of New York State which is empowered to construct and operate an eligible project, or any two or more of the foregoing which are acting jointly in connection with an eligible project.

For Privately-Owned Systems
Privately-owned community water systems and non-profit, non-community water systems may apply for financing for DWSRF-eligible projects.

Submitting a DWSRF Financing Application


After a project is listed on the IUP Project Annual List, the applicant may submit a financing application to EFC. Although applications are accepted on a continuous basis, an application deadline is necessary to coordinate work on a large number of projects expected to participate in subsidized financings. Applicants with projects below the IUP Readiness List subsidy line may submit a financing application at any time if interested in receiving unsubsidized financing.

Applications for subsidized financing can be submitted anytime prior to March 1st of each IUP financing period. Applications for unsubsidized financing are accepted on a continuous basis. The application deadline for subsidized financings helps ensure that these financings can be closed by September 30th, the end of the IUP effective period. If the deadline is not met, an applicant’s financing may be postponed to a future date.

If you should have any questions regarding the application forms and guidance, please call EFC at (518) 402-6924.